Tomorrow I start the famous Insanity 60-day total-body conditioning program. I’ve had the DVDs for a while now. Just never really had the time to get really into it. I have to say I’m a bit nervous. But I’m ready. I would definitely have to say I’m out of shape! Over the last month or so I haven’t been keeping up with my cardio. During the school year it’s easy for me to keep a workout schedule because I already have other set schedules. Since it’s summer, its easy to slack off on one thing whenever you’re slacking off on other things. I’m excited! I could really go for a little toning here and there. I’m ready to get my booty kicked by Shaun-T!

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

First off, I should state that I’ve never been into anime, aside from the occasional Bleach. It’s just never been something I could really get into. I would watch a few episodes and then it began to feel like every plot dragged out, on and on. So, I’d eventually stop watching all together. At the beginning of June I started my summer with much needed time away from school. My Netflix kept suggesting I watch some odd anime that I had only seen a few trailers about. I didn’t really want to. But seems how I already binged on about 90% of what Netflix had to offer at the time, I was left with no other choice. So, I decided to watch it.

Well people, I was GLUED to the screen! I watched every episode in, collectively, two days. Then, watched it again with my husband. THAT, is how much I loved this show! This anime gem has it all. The story never once seemed stale. I watched as these people fought, literally, till death for their right to live. The show, itself, couldn’t have drawn me in anymore than it already had until the main character, Eren, somehow managed to get even more bad ass as it went along! I felt his constant want and need to do what was right for everyone around him. But, also, the overpowering sensation to destroy all and everything that surrounds you just because he had the ability and mentality to. Every character played a major part and pulls on those strings attached to our hearts. You laugh, you cry, you feel for them. It was so riveting with it’s constant dark gore, violence, mystery, and secrets. It has a sense of realism to it that I, myself, felt the need to fight for humanity along side my new best friends against the titans. I couldn’t get enough! I still can’t get enough! Luckily, there’s already been announcements and sightings of a season 2! So, you better hurry and get all caught up before it comes out in July! I know I’ll probably binge again before the next season comes out. I know, it’s a problem! For now I’m off to find my next Netflix show!

The Veggietastic and The Book Nook

The Veggietastic and The Book Nook

With it being summer I find myself falling in love with the local farmers’ market all over again. Although, I have a love for small, store bought carrots that are just too cute to pass up! Nothing beats locally grown. Fresh peppers, ripe berries, and not to forget they have homemade items! I could sit here typing paragraph after paragraph about how awesome, friendly, and helpful farmers’ markets are. But, I guess, you’ll have to figure it out for yourselves! Find out the days and times for your local farmers’ market and help out the nearby farmers all while getting delicious items. :)

Look Up

Today, I wanted to give my insight on this viral video, “Look Up,” uploaded by Gary Turk. Its sent a fairly strong message to majority of its viewers with 40+ million views and over 300,000 likes. It’s a beautiful message reminding everyone that life is more than the screen in front of us. But, to me, showing that you’ll never be able to find or meet new people, that you’ll miss your one true love simply because we don’t look up is a little too much. All the while thousands and hundreds of thousands of people are finding something new on dating sites and social media every day. Seeing different cultures from all over the world, a grandmother able to Skype with her growing grandchildren, a military service member able to witness his child’s birth while deployed. Technology really has come a long way. I, personally, couldn’t imagine living in any other time period. The 21st century, missing someone and we’re just able to pick up a small smart phone and reconnect again. I believe it’s all about balance. We take for granted everything that is in front of us. We abuse social media turning it from catching up with old friends and family to an every-minute-update about what we’re eating or complaining about. We ignore the true essence of nature, traveling, and being with family and friends by spending our time worrying about snapping pictures. With, almost, everything in life there is a healthy balance. Technology in moderation is key. But the real question is; do most people know how to do anything in moderation anymore? I give props to the guy behind the video whom, hypocritically, inspired people to talk and think about the world around them a bit more.


I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking lately. Which, isn’t anything new. Seems how I over analyze everything in life. Anyhow, I’ve been dealing with reality as summer comes to an end (for me) and I’m starting to stare my dreams in the face. I’ve come to realize that I am my biggest fear. Not the fear of failure, although that is a big one, or even how I’ll achieve my dream(s). But the biggest fear that I’m facing is what I’ll allow myself to do. Self-imposed limitations. We all have the fuel and motivation when we start. I’m not one of those types of people who pretend that I have just magically changed over the years and now I’m a completely different person than who I have always been. I get lazy and I slack, sometimes. Most of the time it’s not even that I’m lazy. More that I hate repetition and, even more, I hate doing it all alone. It’s depressing. Usually, whenever we’re presented with an obstacle or something that will further ourselves in life we have to do things alone. No matter how much I travel, broaden my horizons, meet new people, I will always be slightly hesitant to change. That’s just who I am! Change is difficult for me. It throws off everything you’re use to! What it comes down to is I didn’t think I was going to be able to accomplish my dream(s). Now that I am finally able to do something about it, I get self-conscious. I know all my other fears are petty for how much I want to accomplish as well. Sometimes its crippling thinking of all the “what if’s”. For me what’s even more depressing than being alone is never feeling proud of myself. Knowing I had an opportunity and wasted it.

I think it’s great letting things out. Especially, in ways where other people can give you advice and suggestions. Getting another perspective to your own perspective! All in all, I know what I have to do. Get my butt into gear and go after what I’ve wanted for so long. Fear is only as strong as you allow it to be.


I’ve recently decided to “revamp” my blog, if you will. I felt that all my past blogs felt a tad redundant. Posting things and places that I don’t really care about. Even if they are of my own life. Who are the photos and blogs really for?  So, I decided to put myself out there. The real me. Not what everyone expects of me or what I think everyone wants. Specializing in that self-expression!